Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 11, 2008
Dan the Man Harshberger came out for our monthly design meeting. Went over several design issues, then looked at the proofs for the 2008 Source book (found a couple mistakes). Now we're going to lunch at the Silver Spur to celebrate the Source Book completion.

Smart Vs. Stupid
"It's Elizabeth Banks in the movie Zack and Mira Make A Porno. Elizabeth Smart was the kidnapped Mormon teenager."
—A concerned blog reader

True. Banks looks smart though. That was my point.

Not really. Major dyslexic behavior.

Up to my armpits in snow reference. Scenes in progress are:

As a working regimen I rapidly do five or six snow and sky washes as loosey goosey as I can. I'm looking for the subtle atmospheric movement that snow and clouds often reflect. Here is a case (above) where the effect is wonderful, but I'm not sure what to put in to complete the scene.

Here's another one:

Same problem. Wonderful happy accidents. I've never nailed the subtle snow highlights as strong as this puppy. Yes, it's a poach from a Frederic Remington nocturne, but now I'm afraid to touch it. Ha.

Here's a storm cloud preliminary that I will definitely proceed on, but it does have some of that same "Oh, my God, I can't mess this up!" Which ruins more paintings than my lack of skill, which has ruined plenty.

This one is very problematic because I wanted a neutral sky to offset the bottom of the painting (which is unfinished). and yes, this is a final on the study I posted a couple days ago.

Kathy downloaded a song for me called "Message From Your Heart" by Kina Grannis. Great words. In part:

"I don't work for free, please take care of me. Don't hurt me, I bleed constantly. . .This is a message from your heart, your most devoted body part, taking blood and making art, this is a message from your heart, pounding away in the dark, you could thank me for a start, this is a message from your heart."
—Kina Grannis

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