Friday, November 21, 2008

November 21, 2008
Just had a wonderful couple, Joe and Ava from Nevada City, California, in the office. Ava is a huge fan of True West Moments on the Westerns Channel and she asked her son, Gary, if he could fix it to come out and meet me. Robert Ray took our picture and we'll post it later.

Ava asked me when we are going to film some new ones, and I said Jeff Hildebrandt is going to schedule a new batch for the early part of 2009. Aren't you, Jeff?

Meanwhile, here's a photo of myself and Lee Anderson, in his best vaquero outfit:

This was taken at the Bison Museum at Wednesday night's bash and I'm holding my Spirit of The West Award.

Here's another fan letter for Mickey Free:

"Just got my November-December issue of True West. What an absolutely, fantastic piece of work in the Mickey Free story. It is an all time historical classic! I'm sure glad you survived two heart attacks and I know you are too. I have only one regret and that True West is 8 X 10 instead of 3 feet square. Such a fine collection of some of your best art. Good work Bob Boze Bell."

—Bill Dunn

The response to Mickey has been unanimously positive. I told my staff I have been waiting, and expecting, the inevitable rip: "I don't subscribe to True West to read some damned comic book!"

But, so far, nada. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining, because as ol' Asimov so aptly puts it:

"From my close observation of writers, they fall into two groups: 1) those who bleed copiously and visibly at any bad review and 2) those who bleed copiously and secretly at any bad review."
—Isaac Asimov

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