Thursday, November 20, 2008

November 20, 2008 Bonus Blog Post
Last night's event, People Keeping The Spirit of The Old West Alive, at the Bison Museum was a ton of fun for me. Catered Mexican food and beer from The Silver Spur and lots of old photos, half-truths and full of it legends about my life.

The host, LeeAnn Sharpe really did her homework; she had some great images, like this one, taken by Ralph Rippe. This is the same 1890s three-piece suit from Kansas I mentioned earlier. If I ever publish the "10,000 Bad Drawings" book, this would make a very sweet frontispiece:

The custom roper boots were made by Johnny Weinkauf. Here's another image LeeAnne projected on the giant screen last night. This is another Ralph Rippe image taken of me at Ed Mell's Studio (when I was in residence we called it the Mell-Bell Studio): The dog's name is Apache and the fact that he is yawning (Oh, man, how many more photos of this guy are you gonna take?) just makes it that much sweeter. The leather vest, with the rodeo stamp images, was also made by Johnny Weinkauf:

Speaking of dogs, here is a great shot of Dusty, the sweetest Australian Shepherd that ever walked the planet:

This is a promo piece for the "Jones & Boze Radio Show", designed by Dan The Man Harshberger, by the way, with the front page of the foldout (above) and the inside image, below:

And, of course, the punchline to the whole story (and last night's narrative) is the one thing out of all my accomplishments I'm most proud of:

And that would be: being married to the same woman for 29 years—and forcing her to have my children. Left to right: Kathy Sue Radina, Deena Bean, BBB and Thomas Charles.

"Here's the secret to a successful marriage: When you're wrong, admit it, and when you are right, shut up."

—Old Vaquero Saying

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