Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 18, 2008 Bonus Blog Post
I have to say, Google is about the most amazing thing that has come down the pike since the '57 T-Bird. I posted my first try at a frozen creek earlier, then, for grins, I Googled "frozen creek" and got amazing examples of every kind of creek in every kind of weather, frozen, half-frozen, just amazing. Then I Googled "horses in snow" and "horses wading in water" and got another slew of great reference images.

On Sunday night Kathy and I watched a Javier Bardem movie called "The Dancer Upstairs." All through the movie we kept looking at each other going, "Man, this looks very specific on the filming locations and aren't they speaking Quechua?" We couldn't wait for the ending credits so we could read where it was filmed, but when the end titles came they were blurry. So, I simply went over to the computer and Googled "The Dancer Upstairs Movie Location" and there it was: filmed in Portugal, Madrid and Quito, Ecuador. This last location really made sense because they had a scene of driving up to the mountains in a pickup and the women had on their distinctive bowlers, like this:

And, the Google site, went on, the movie was based on the terrorist Guzman who founded The Shining Path in Peru and was captured in 1992 above a dance studio in Lima. None of this was in the movie. It was all played generic, although they mentioned Mira Flores at one point. Don't know why they were being so coy, or obtuse, but, in the old days (B.G.: Before Google) it would have been practically impossible to find out any of this.

Meanwhile, Robert Ray and I are working on the layout for El Kid and I asked him to come up with a small logo to run at the top of the page, kind of like we did with Mickey Free where we ran the Freddy Remington signature on each spread. Here's what Robert came up with:

Pretty cool, no? Also, here it is in application:

It's a work in progress, but I must say I feel better about the whole effort today. I do get down on myself. Gee, I wonder what a legendary linebacker has to say about this?

"Success isn't permanent, and failure isn't fatal."
—Mike Ditka

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