Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 18, 2008
Had a dentist appointment at nine this morning. Same old prognosis, but I did get a new metaphor thrown at me: "Mr. Bell, the train left the station quite a while ago, and if you don't start flossing, it's going to be too far down the track to ever come back."

With a straight face I asked the dentist if it would be possible to book the train straight through to the next dental depot and get off there? Not sure, he got the joke, but he and his assistant have the tools to tone down any one's sense of humor.

"Close your mouth on the tube, sir."

As I mentioned, last Saturday morning, Kathy went to tape a show on PBS and a Jerry Yarnell painting show was on and she came back in the bedroom and said, "Are you interested in a show on "How To Paint Snow"?

Damn straight! I came in half-way through, but I did learn several things from Jerry (evidently the show has been on for 20 years). He paints the foreground snow a darker blue and then paints out, in negative space, the snow highlights. Very clever. So I tried this technique with my six sketches:

Not bad. Thanks, Jerry!

On the El Kid snow front, I'm at the storyboard point where the outlaw lad breaks up the frozen creek with rocks and then wades in, leading his horse across. So, what does a frozen creek, that's been busted up with rocks look like? Not exactly sure, but here's my first stab at the phenom:

There's a famous photo of New York trolley horses enveloped in steam from their sweat hitting the freezing air (Steglitz? sic). I want both the Kid and the horse to have that effect as they emerge from the icy water. Very ambitious. Stay tuned.

"The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."
—Walter Bagehot

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