Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 12, 2008
A week from tonight, on November 19, at the Bison Western Museum (South of Bell Road on 91st St.) I am being featured on the Spirit of The Old West Alive, which I am (alive), and which is basically a "This Is Your Life" presentation. The director has asked for archival photos and mag and book covers so I brought in a box full this morning and Abby is scanning them (and laughing). I just went in and asked what she was laughing at, and she said, this:

This photo was taken by award-winning-photographer Jon Gipe for a feature in New Times Weekly on Baby Boomers turning forty (so that would make it 1986). This was taken on a back street, behind the NT office building deep inside the Beast at 12th St. and Jefferson. Jon walked behind me and he kept saying, "Turn on me. Come on, turn on me." After about ten turns I finally turned and screamed out, "I can't take it anymore! All this god-damned media pressure!"

I was joking, of course, but he got a great shot that sums up in a crystal clear moment why I eventually had two heart attacks. Ha.

Tis the season for new books. Just got in a $75 puppy on the stagecoach paintings of Marjorie Reed. Interesting life story. Didn't know she lived in Tombstone for a while in the eighties. She also went thru a gaggle of cowboys. Ha. The book, "All Aboard: The Life and Work of Marjorie Reed" is by Gary Fillmore a local (Cave Creek) gallery owner. Also got a new book on the "Historic Photos of Theodore Roosevelt," by Stacy A. Cordery. I didn't know Teddy was involved in a trolley car accident (which evidently clipped the back of a carriage he was riding in during a speaking tour). The Governor of Massachusetts was killed and TR suffered from a leg wound that eventually required surgery.

Amazing. I learn something every day on this job. What's harder for me to believe, is that legendary historian Robert Utley says basically the same thing, below:

News From The Front Lines
"I've been enjoying your El Kid stuff, and I'm a bit of a Billy fan myself. I ran across something at work today, a proposal (that's been around for awhile) for a 60 foot tall statue of Billy here in downtown Las Cruces, NM, along with a museum/retail building to go with it. The artist proposing it is Bob Diven. ( and he's got a pretty cool life size statue of Billy coming along too.
—Seth Wilson

Man, that is totally cool. Especially the observation deck on El Kid's hat. Ha.

“Bob, I truly enjoyed the article the you put together about Mickey Free. At times I felt like I was on the trail with them (Mickey Free, Tom Horn and the Apache Kid). Great article, I don't have the words. True West, IS about the West. Thanks.”
—Jay Mault, Ramsey Minnesota

"Paul [Hutton]: I read the long item (what does one call it) by you and BBB in True West. I did not expect to be especially edified, but I was. It was a very good presentation combining text and graphics. Gave me a new feel for Mickey Free. Congratulations to you and BBB."
—Robert Utley

A great man must be mindful of nine things:
1) to look beyond what he sees
2) to listen beyond what he hears
3) to be gentle in looks
4) to be respectful in manners
5) to be true to his words
6) to take pride in his works
7) to ask when in doubt
8) to think of the consequences when in anger
9) to think of justice & fairness on accepting an advantage
—Confucius (551-479 BC)

"I always prefer to believe the best of everybody, it saves so much trouble."
—Rudyard Kipling

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