Monday, November 24, 2008

November 24, 2008 Bonus Bonus Blog Post
Went home for lunch and worked on the rough sketch I did this morning. changed the background to a stronger color, and put it in silhouette (inspired by Maynard Dixon), to hopefully pop the rider a bit:

I may put a skull and arm bone in the foreground, as you can see, the horse is reacting to something. The tentative headline is Border Riders: Dangerous Then, Dangerous Now.

On Nov 21, 2008, at 11:05 AM, Richard Proctor wrote:

"Thoroughly enjoyed your Mickey Free 'novel' with Paul Hutton. And your illustrations. (And your BBB Blog on the web.) Now, it is not clear if the writing is truly from Remington's notebook, or is it your writing? And which drawings are truly Freddy's, as the R is different in some of his signatures?

"If the writing is not from his notebook, what references did you use, besides Paul's vast knowledge? I am a fan of all things Tom Horn."

—Richard Proctor (Grandson of the Cheyenne undersheriff who hanged Tom Horn)

Thanks. I felt a little uncomfortable aping Remington's artwork and passing it off as the real deal, so I created a signature: 'Freddy Remington' so that years from now it will be a tad harder to pass one of these off as the real deal (at least that's my conceit). As for the writing, Paul Hutton used a smattering of actual Remington quotes, but Paul was able to masterfully capture Freddy's bombast. 99% of the copy is Hutton creating the prose. Paul can better answer his reference for Horn, although I know we both used Horn's autobiography.


"An age is called Dark, not because the light fails to shine, but because people refuse to see it."
—James Michener

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