Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Anton Chico Stage

July 24, 2012

   Thomas Charles and Pattarapan have been traveling extensively, first to Peru, visiting Yanque (where he was in the Peace Corp) and now to Thailand to visit her grandparents. They return this weekend for Mexican food. Looking forward to seeing them again.

   Tweaking my editorial this morning for the October issue. Featuring my two grandmothers as the inspiration for my painting and sculpture "Not-So-Gentle Tamer." Here is what my To The Point looks like when the proofers get through with it:

I have to thank my cousin Tap Lou Weir for the photo of Louise Guess and my aunt and uncle Glenn and Claudia Bell of Palm Desert for the Minnie photo.

Found this study of Not-So-Gentle Tamer (#3) yesterday and tweaked it and sent it down to Michael Feldman for framing. Going to feature it in the Due West Gallery Art Show on August 11:

A little more perky than the final, but I like the mood of it. And here's a piece I tweaked yesterday as well. It's The Anton Chico Stage and was used in an episode of El Kid about a year ago, but I like the mood here as well:

Pushed it a little more and brought out the foreground. Has an early morning light effect that is kind of nice. Need to get this down to Michael for framing as well.

"It seems to me that the primary job of the artist is to paint the gray, to capture the texture of this life without moralizing or pontificating."

 —Andre Dubus III