Wednesday, July 04, 2012

How Big Was Hatfield & McCoys?

July 4, 2012
   In the forest of multiple platforms we currently reside on it's easy to mistake one big tree for another. For example, I read somewhere that more people see the lowest rated TV show (in weekly list of top 100 rated shows) than see the highest grossing box office movie.

   Speaking of which, I still haven't seen Kevin Costner's Hatfield & McCoys. I just haven't been interested enough, but I will see it because it's homework (and because of the stat below).

   To give you an idea of how successful the series is, here are a few random shows with the number of viewers:

• Anderson Cooper on CNN (450,000 viewers)

• Rachel Maddow (900,000 viewers)

• Bill O'Reilly (2 million viewers)

• Newsroom (2.1 million viewers)

• Hatfield & McCoys (13.8 million viewers)

"Mickey Free anyone?"
—The Top Secret Writer