Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pim-wah High In The Sierra Madres and Rachel High on Billy the Kid

July 19, 2012

   Had a history dinner speech last night at Cartwrights next door to the True West World Headquarters. A full house and a great dinner from Chef Montez. Sold four pieces of art, had a great meal and met Ken The Pilot who I hadn't seen in 12 years. He used to come by the Mineshaft when we did our radio show there in the late 90s. His pretty wife surprised him and brought him to the dinner. In fact, Ken bought one of my paintings of Billy. Also met Rachel, who, by her own admission was a Wild Child. Her mother thought she was going to hell because of this tattoo:

My next history dinner will be on October 25 when I do the O.K. Corral fight.

Doing a series of pioneer women for our centennial show Outrageous Arizona. Want to honor all the gutsy gals. Whipped this out this morning before I came into work:

This is Pim-wah: High In The Sierra Madres.

"If you can see 'em, they ain't Apaches."

—John Wayne in one of those John Ford cavalry movies