Saturday, July 21, 2012

Capturing the Legend of Red Ghost

July 21, 2012

   Rarely do I capture the concept in my head on paper, but this morning I came close. Worked on a set piece for The Legend of Red Ghost. Wanted something stark and simple. Had good reference. Here is a shot of my desk with the reference materials (basically, a silhouette of a camel, a glowing X-Ray of bones and a Germanic poster of a cougar set against a moon).

At the top you can see my next painting, of a cowgirl on horseback. Hope to finish that this afternoon. Meanwhile, here is a cell phone shot of the finished piece:

Not too shabby. Might add a saguaro, or two to the foreground to establish an Arizona setting, or maybe not.

"He's getting better."

—The director of a certain Art Museum describing my artwork