Tuesday, July 31, 2012

PG Pearl Hart

July 30, 2012

   Got some big rain last night. Very humid out this morning. Tommy and Pattarapan are back from their world globe trotting tour. Had a 24-hour flight from Bangkok. Picked them up at Terminal 3 on Saturday at 2 then sped over to La Frontera for street tacos, then out to Grandma Betty's where Debbie had made homemade green chile. Now THAT'S The way to return from a world tour my son beamed.

   Painted all weekend, plus created a safe haven for Peckasso in the chicken coop. He got out during the rain storm and I went out this morning to see him running for his life from the big, fat bitches. Finally got tired of the chicken shit. Took me half a day to clean out his mess.

   Between mopping and disinfecting, I did manage to paint a few pictures, including this one of a very pregnant Pearl Hart being paid off with a one-way ticket out of Arizona.

This was not known until the 1950s when, I believe, a secretary to the governor confessed the truth about Pearl's mysterious pardon from the Yuma Pen.

"Man who go through turnstile sideways is going to Bangkok."

—Old Confucius saying