Friday, July 13, 2012

Red Ghost Part III

July 13, 2012

   I enjoy doing Victorian style portraits. Worked this morning on one of those and two more Red Ghost scenes.

This is a typical early day Arizona legislator, buttoned up and serious as all get out:

This is for coverage for our Outrageous Arizona segment on The Thieving 13th Legislature. Meanwhile, in the 1890s a woman on Eagle Creek, in southeastern Arizona was attacked and killed by a mysterious, red beast. At first no one knew what it was. This is based on descriptions of the monster who would later become known as Red Ghost:

At first, everyone thought it was a demonic beast and all sorts of descriptions circulated. Eventually, a cowboy actually got a better look at it, and although he still described it as a big red beast:

And, finally, it was revealed to be a rogue, red camel with a human skeleton on its back:

"If given the opportunity, the camel will drink water every three to five days, then, depending on weather and land conditions, he may take in fifteen or twenty gallons."

—Forrest Bryant Johnson, in his new book "The Last Camel Charge"