Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Marylin Monroe Is Huge

July 25, 2012

    My aunt and uncle Claudia and Glenn Bell drove over to Palm Springs this morning to take a gander at the new Marylin Monroe statue. Big puppy, no?

   Switched gears this morning and whipped out a scratchboard of Kissing Jennie before I went into work. Sorry to say, I'm a little rusty.

Yes, she's holding a glass eye (if you read True West you know why).

Spent the afternoon in the Beast, going over video of our new TV show Outrageous Arizona. So far, looks very good but I need to finish a bunch of ambitious paintings in the next two weeks. We're expecting big crowds at the premiere. Gee, I wonder what old Bach has to say about this?

"You don't tell the quality of a master by the size of his crowds."

—Richard Bach