Sunday, July 13, 2014

Garbage In, Garbage Out

July 13, 2014
   So far, I have filled at least six big recycling containers with bad art and loose paper and STILL it appears like I haven't even touched the space in the garage where a large pallet of "66 Kid" books will land very soon. Here's part of the space that needs to be cleared:

The garage after six weekends of cleaning

   My goal has been to fill the recycling container every week and so far, so good. Heere's the flat file area in the corner:

Flat file corner with disgusting evidence of termites and rat droppings

   You can see the flat files because I hauled all of the art that was stacked here out into the breezeway to sort and label:

Assorted New Times cartoons, Honkytonk Sue flats and Al Sieber at Gettysburg (color explosion, upper left) intended as a back story for "Mickey Free."

   And speaking of Mickey Free, I found this daily whip out in the pile that is much better than most of the crap out here.

Daily Whipout: "Mickey Free Climbs Out of The Fire Zone"

   This kind of harsh environment, with fires ravaging the landscape, seemed over-the-top when The Top Secret Writer and I were writing the saga of Mickey Free on his hunt for The Apache Kid, but now, today, with fires everywhere, every season, dare I say, it seems somewhat normal?

   I'm meeting my curator, Cal Nelson, at noon today to go over a coding system and methodology to ID and store the art in some logical and organized way. Hard, hot work, but my main goal is to not leave Kathy a mess and to hopefully leave something worth keeping. I know it's vain and probably a fool's errand, but, hey, it keeps me off the streets.

"Many things should be done in silence and talkin' about them is a mistake."
—Old Vaquero Saying