Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gunslinger Meets The Hillbillies

July 10, 2014
  After our media blitz at The Ciritics Association conference we got to mingle with some of the other "talent" on the Discovery slate and I hit if off with the dudes from the new show "Hillbilly Blood."

The Gunslinger Meets The Hillbillies: Spencer "Two Dogs" Bolejack, BBB and "Cowboy"

   Kathy and I sat in on the Tru TV showcase this morning and watched some of their new shows, including "Way Out West" a reality show about some cowboy pack trips guys and their wives that has already been picked up for another 13 shows (think "Duck Dynasty" meets "Bronco Lane"), plus, "The Carbonaro Effect," "Branson Famous" (working title), "Hack My Life," "Kart Life," and "Fake Off," to name but a few of the dozens and dozens of new shows.

   Robert Rodriguez is coming in next with his new El Rey channel contributions and although we have to leave for the airport I'm hoping I get to catch him before we fly back to the sand box.

"Life's been good to me, so far."
—Joe Walsh, parodying the lifestyle of all the people at this conference