Saturday, July 26, 2014

Weston Digs Hurley And The All Mexican All the Time Tour

July 26, 2014
   Here we are in Pasadena walking down the sidewalk on our All Mexican All The Time Tour.

Grand Marmita, Weston, T. Charles and Deena somewhere in Pasadena.

   T. Charles and his wife Pattarapan are on their way to Thailand and my son wants one final binge on the food he loves (In our family he's known as The Mole Man). And yes, Weston is smiling. He digs his uncle.

   The little Man of the West also loves Hurley, Pattarapan's dog. Here they are this morning waking up. The kids slept in the living room and the grandparents got the spare bedroom.

Weston grooves on Pattarapan's Thailand bound dog, Hurley.

  Our destination was Burrito Express for breakfast. We ate outside because it's a beautiful morning with the temperature in the mid-seventies.

Pattarapan, Deena and T. Charles digging in on the huevos rancheros at Burrito Express.

   We ate at El Patron in Altadena yesterday and T. had the "drunken margarita" which comes with an upside down cerveza attached. Quite clever and effective.

T. Charles with a "drunken margarita." Have two of these and the title is reversed.

   While at the Burrito Express this morning I gave the family a humor assignment. I'm sending "66 Kid" postcards to various media outlets with the goal of landing a guest spot, or getting some ink. I wondered aloud how to thread the needle between asking for the order and trying to get past the gatekeepers (something I know a little about at True West). Kathy came up with "I'll make a good guest," and since we always consider the opposite of whatever anyone comes up with, Deena posited, "Don't Google me."

   Ah, my clever daughter—that is how the next batch is going out, with that warning. I will tally the success rate and report on it when the results come in.

"Luck is the residue of design."
—Branch Rickey