Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Curious Journey of A Random Doc Holliday Quip

July 19, 2014
   "Do not take a drunk dentist to an arrest." I originally said that line into the blind eye of a movie camera in May of 2013 at Pioneer, Arizona. It was in reference to Doc Holliday and the O.K. Corral fight and was one of dozens of quips and quotes I provided to my interrogator, Christopher Cassel, the director of a TV documentary shooting in Arizona and New Mexico.

   Fast forward, the "drunk dentist" quip appeared last week on the sizzle reel for the American Heroes Channel at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

BBB at the Getty photo shoot in the Beverly Hilton Hotel, July 9, 2014

   And today it appears in the New York Times.

   And tomorrow night it appears on the new TV series, "Gunslingers." And now you know the curious journey of a random Doc Holliday quip.

"When the legend becomes fat, try to crack wise."
—Old Talking Head Saying