Thursday, July 17, 2014

New Billy Painting by Degas Surfaces?

July 17, 2014
   A shocking find this morning. Everyone knows the famous French Impressionist, Edgar Degas, spent time in New Orleans and he did a famous painting while there in the 1870s. What most people don't know is that Henry McCarty, had relatives in New Orleans and while on a visit there just prior to the Lincoln County War, it appears he sat for Degas. The resulting portrait, lost for 152 years, was found this morning in the garage:

Billy Bonney by Edward Degas

   Also found in this same stash of old art this portrait of Billy in Bonita:

Daily Whipout: "Billy In Front of Atkins Cantina, in Bonita, Arizona"

   Also found was this original photo of Barney Mason's ranch, which I believe was east of Fort Sumner.

The Barney Mason Ranch, near Fort Sumner, New Mexico

   Note what appears to be a white wagon at left, center. This looks to me like a typical sheep wagon, although I'm not sure exactly what that is. Do you see it?

"He came to town dressed like a country jake with shoes instead of boots. He wore a six-gun stuck in his trousers."
—Gus Gildea, describing the young Kid Antrim at Bonita, Arizona in 1877