Friday, July 04, 2014

Random Rattler Wishes Us A Happy Fourth

July 4, 2014
   Kathy is going down to the D's for a Fourth of July luncheon and I stayed here to clean in my studio and the garage. Got a call from her saying she had forgotten a cold dish for the party and could I get it out of the fridge and meet her in the driveway. Got it, walked out the gate. She pulled in and stopped and as I leaned forward to hand her the dish when I saw something moving on the driveway under my feet. This is what it was:

A Slithering Visitor

   I believe this is a Coontail Rattler, also known as a Mohave Rattler. They are especially dangerous because they often down't give you the courtesy rattle (which is why I'm filming from a distance). This the first of the season for us. One summer our neighbor killed 11.

   Need to go get long pants on and find my rattler-hook. About the last thing I want to do today.

"Stay shy of a man who's all gurgle and no guts."
—Od Vaquero Saying