Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tommy Taco Hoppiing

July 26, 2014
   Went out with my son Thomas Charles taco hopping this afternoon in Pasadena. He knows his way around the barrio. Here he is with the goods from La Estrella (he also stopped at Baja Ranch and got some green chile guisado and a couple buche tacos). The dude knows his Mexican street food.

Thomas Charles on the All Mexican All The Time Tour

   We're meeting Carson Mell tonight, for Mexican food, of course. Meanwhile, Weston has been enjoying a dog in the house.

Weston Smothers Hurley as his aunt and uncle laugh like crazy

   But the coolest scene was sitting in the back yard as my son read an advance copy of "The 66 Kid" and pointed out a photo of his father to Weston.

T. Charles points out his father to Weston Bortscheller

"The child is father to the man."
—Old Vaquero Saying