Friday, December 26, 2014

Bang A Gong Flank One

December 26, 2014
   Took off from Bangkok yesterday with T. Charles driving and landed in the very historic town of Ayatuya (pronounced Eye-Yah-Too-Yah), where we had a reservation in a riverside B&B:

The Bong Are Gong Riverside Rooms & Restaurant (and yes, that is the real name of the place)

   There was a big fire here two years ago and took out the whole block, but our B&B was rebuilt. This is the corner dwelling where the fire started, and is the first thing we saw pulling in.

Burnt House on the corner in Ayatuya.

   Meanwhile, back in Bangkok, Kathy took this photo of me and the kids stacked up Buddah style (apropos, no?):

Family Pyramid

   And backing up to the beginning, as soon as we got off the plane the kids were itching to treat us to street food, Thai style:

First Stop After Landing in Bangkok on Tuesday night: Pah Ya Thai Restaurant a couple blocks from our hotel. Classic downtown Thai street food, located and ordered by our Thai host Pattarapan.

   We had, according to Amy: Rice soup with fish (Kao Thom Pla), vegetables with sea food (Pad cha Talay) and Chinese broccoli with crispy pork (Ka Nha Moo Krob). Total bill 270 bot ($9 U.S.). it was delicious!

   Tomorrow we are going to play a game: whatever the host asks you to eat, or do, you have to at least try it. One challenge involves "horse piss eggs" and another involves elephants. Photographs and video to follow.

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