Tuesday, December 02, 2014

White Room, Fledgling Drummers & Tired Starlings

December 2, 2014
   It all started when fellow cartoonist and drummer Bob Steinhilber (The X-streams) visited me last month from Oregon and highly recommended I rent the movie "Beware of Mr. Baker" a documentary about a kid who got his nose broken by the legendary drummer, Ginger Baker, when the kid tried to go on the reclusive drummer's property in South Africa.

   From watching this excellent doc I was reawakened to how much I have always enjoyed Cream, so from there I rented the "Cream: Royal Albert Hall," which is the best of four reunion concerts at the venerable venue from 2005 (two discs) and as Thanksgiving Day approached I hadn't watched the second half yet. After dinner I put on the concert just as Kathy came in with the floor tom and cow bell from my drum set (chrome Ludwigs) that are stored upstairs in the studio. That led to this little Thanksgiving jam session:

Weston's More Cowbell Drum Solo

   A fire in the fireplace, Eric Clapton and Cream on the tube and a young drummer being encouraged to use "more cowbell." For Thanksgiving in the Bell house it doesn't get any better than this! Unless, of course, you count sitting on the couch and watching horses slam through the tundra on the Westerns Channel with your grandson on your lap.

"Yellow tigers crouched in jungles in her dark eyes.

 She's just dressing, goodbye windows, tired starlings."

—White Room, sung by Eric Clapton (I always assumed Jack Bruce was the singer)