Monday, December 08, 2014

Series B John Deere!

December 8, 2014
   Yesterday I attended the memorial for Dan O'Neil at Ed Mell's house in Paradise Valley. Ed spoke as did his son Carson. Dan was Ed's mechanic and went on 18 Copper State Road Rallies and kept Ed's cars running. He also built Ed's cabin in Prescott. Great guy.

Memorial for Dan O'Neill at Ed and Rose Marie Mell's house on Sunday

   Pretty morning today.

Moon Over Crow's Nest

   Kathy is moving into a smaller office so she is selling her green sofa. Here she is posting it on Craigslist:

Mama Selling Sofa On Craigslist

Had an good book signing at Guidon on Saturday. Sold a couple dozen books. Fun crowd. One guy brought an original Honkytonk Sue No. 1 and a first edition of "Low Blows" in very fine condition. He bought a copy of "The 66 Kid" and I signed all three.

Gordon Dudley In His Wah Maker Duds riding his Tri-mobile outside Guidon on Saturday

Ran into Joe Yager on the road to day and he told me he is halfway through the book and has found two mistakes: "Somebody said your grandpa's John Deere was a 'series D' and it's a series 'B' and that photo of you with your mother in front of a car—it's not a '39 Ford, it's a Chevy." I assured him I would reprimand the miscreant who made those mistakes.

The tractor gaff is a testament to my dyslexia and I thought I had vetted that car photo with the experts on this blog site? Anyway, it just shows we are all stupid, just on different subjects.

"I may be old, but I'm slow."
—Robert Kolbe, a book buyer at the signing and self-professed "Orgy" caterer