Monday, December 01, 2014

Four Deer Upstaged By A Rock

December 1, 2014
   Yesterday morning, we woke up to a treat: four deer grazing in the front yard. So we took Weston outside to take a gander at them because we knew he'd be excited:

Weston kicks and waves his arms, begging to be let down. You can see two of the deer in front of the saguaro at center, left.

   Deena wanted to know if she should put him down and I told her I thought it was safe, in spite of my reservations (ENRAGED DEER MAULS YOUG BOY!). So she set him down and off he went:

Weston takes off to go hang out with the deer. He really couldn't have been more excited.

   As he got closer, I was concerned that he might run right up to them and get trampled:

Deer to Deer: "Uh, what is that little unit approaching us at twelve o'clock?"

   But, the deer needn't have gotten alarmed because, well, little boys get easily distracted:

"Oh, look. A rock."

"I'm ADD and ADHD. Everything has to be perfect. Just not for very long."
—Little boys with little attention spans