Sunday, December 21, 2014

The First Leg of A Very Long Journey

December 21, 2014
   Got up this morning at 6:30 and went out just in time to catch this sunrise:

Ratcliff Ridge Sunrise

   Turned around and caught this a few moments later:

First Light On Elephant Butte, 12•21•14

   Took an Uber cab to Sky Harbor and took off for LA, landed in Burbank and met this little guy:

Look Mommy, It's Grandpa Ha Ha

   I asked Deena if we could try a little diner I saw a couple summers ago and so we ent there for lunch:

An Old Fashioned Local Burger an Pie diner on Colorado in Pasadena.

   Great lunch. I recommend the chicken burger and the butterscotch meringue pie. We head out tomorrow morning for Thailand. A 24-hour-flight.

"There on the western horizon, under a hot, clear sky, sixty miles away, crowned with snow (in July), was a magical vision, a legend come true: the front range of the Rocky Mountains. An impossible beauty, like a boy's first sight of an undressed girl, the image of those mountains struck a fundamental chord in my imagination that has sounded ever since."
 —Ed Abbey, 18