Saturday, December 27, 2014

Elephant Ride Plus Fish Socks

December 27, 2014
    We made a deal with Pattarapan that we would at least try the food, no matter how exoctic, or weird and that we would be open to new experiences. Okay, sounds good.

   First stop: the floating market at Ayatuya where we had, among other things, "horse piss eggs," which were fermented eggs with bizarre designs across the whites and, I have to admit, they were delish. Next stop, a spa where I was told I would get "Happy Feet." I was in the mood to relax and have some quiet joy in my life and if you watch this video you will see just how happy this made me:

BBB Fish Socks

After we visited a half dozen shrines on the island (the area is rich with Buddha shrines and palaces, that were the inspiratoin for "The King And I" about the Prince of Siam):

Bob Boze Buddha?

Our lovely host, Pattarapan, asked us if we wanted to ride an elephant. Well, it couldn't be any more excrutiating than the fish socks, so off we went:

Tommy and Pattarapan on their elephant (being photographed by me, on our elephant)

   Crazy ride, like being a ten-foot-mule, slogging along. They can go through very narrow areas (a series of bike racks, side to side!). The elephants take the tips in their trunks and hand them up the rider. Crazy. Wasn't thrilled about being that high but, hey, I did it!

   The next day we headed up the valley to Phichet and along the way we saw all these roadside vendors. When I asked what they were selling, Pattarapan smiled and said, "A roadside delicacy in this area: grilled field mice." So that's next on the list of foods we're going to try.

   Not a bad day: rode an elephant, wore fish socks and ate horse piss eggs.

"My feet are really soft, now. What's with that?"
—BBB after wearing the "fish socks" for 20 minutes