Thursday, December 18, 2014

Rainy Sunsets and Former Flames

December 18, 2014

   A rainy day sunset last night as I drove home:

Rainy Day Sunset In Cave Creek, Arizona

   Found a batch of old photographs in the garage last weekend while I was looking for something else, of course.

BBB and the real 66 Kid,  Allen P. Bell at the annual Route 66 Fun Run in Seligman, Arizona

   Also found a photograph of me and Terry Townsend at Rau Advertising where we were hard at work on the Razz Revue magazine.

Terry Townsend and BBB sitting in the middle of the Razz business, circa 1975

   Here's another couple from that era, Tommy and Liz Vascocu of KDKB fame:

Tommy and Liz Vascocu, 1975

"The loneliness social media aspires to repair is the loneliness of empty streets, Dairy Queens, the loneliness of high school. the loneliness of Mexican gardeners, the loneliness of lawns. The advantage of shopping online, Silicon Valley encourages us to believe is, that one need not contend with bodies, with business hours, with complete sentences. The loneliness social media aspires to repair becomes the loneliness social media creates and exports to the world as 'connection.'"
—Richard Rodriguez