Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Statue Power Off

 May 12, 2021

   One of the fun things I did with my grandkids in Issaquah last weekend was to play a customized game of monster. At their request, I chased the kids around the house and tried to catch them, but with one twist. They each got one reprieve by yelling out "Statue Power" which freezes the monster so they can escape his clutches and the poor ol' monster has to hold the frozen pose until he hears the magic release phrase: "Statue Power Off!" You'd be surprised at how long two grandkids can play this simple and silly game.    

   Or, if you are a grandparent yourself you are no doubt nodding your head and saying out loud, "Duh," or, one of its derivatives.

Statue Power

   Of course, one of the ironies of being in the Northwest is that it's becoming known as the land of downed statues. Someone told me a statue of Lincoln was brought down, or defaced, in Portland?

    Abraham Lincoln!? Really? Who's next? Well, one surefire prediction would be any white guy with a rifle.

Daily Whip Out: "Et Tu Brute Force?"

Statue Power Off

   I'm not one of those who think all statues are created equal. I'm painfully aware we went through a long period where losing generals in the Civil War got more than their due when, in my opinion, they really shouldn't have gotten anything. So, the idea that statues are inviolate is not on my values list.

   Still, I have a hunch, there are a few statues who are feeling a little out of sorts these days. 

Daily Whip Out:

"Minuteman Head Explodes"

   And, of course, this guy recently has had a bad run of luck in New Mexico and Arizona.

Daily Whip Out: "Kit Carson On Fire"

   With some statues being preemptively taken down as a precaution.

Daily Whip Out: "Carson Still Riding High?"

   In the future, I have a hunch that the only thing that will help some statues survive is if the plaques at the base of the sculptures are repurposed, you know, like this.

On this spot, Wyatt Earp shot down

a racist cowboy who used the N-word.

"The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there."

—L. P. Hartley

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