Monday, May 24, 2021

Uno at Sunset And A Broken Shadow Box

 May 24, 2021

   It was so nice out last night we sat out in the front yard and enjoyed the sunset. Here's Uno looking the other way, with that look that says, "Nyeh, if you seen one, you've seen 'em all."

Uno at Sunset

   Speaking of the puppy with the crazy back end, Uno went crashing through the studio a couple weeks back with his wagging tail and knocked over this True West Shadow Box we inherited from the Stillwater, Oklahoma TW crew. Uno broke the glass and the very first issue of True West is starting to curl up on the edges.

A Broken Shadow Box

Perhaps Foreshadowing

The Future?

   Well, of course, eventually it will all be over. When Professor Martin Summerness introduced me to the NAU Beginning Journalism Class several weeks ago, he mentioned I had done work for National Lampoon and Playboy. He got this off of my bio, but it suddenly dawned on me both publications—giants when I was just starting out—are kaput in terms of a print version. So, that we are still standing as a magazine is a miracle to me. And even if it all ended tomorrow I would be so thankful for the long run. We're coming up on twenty-two years and counting.

"All things must pass."

—George Harrison


  1. He got this off my bio - not off of my bio. When used as in your above sentence, off and of are both prepositions and you only need one and that is off. You did the same thing in your editor comments in the June issue of TW. Let me give you an example of an old adage that you know - he's a chip off the old block not off of the old block.

    I'm sorry BBB, but grammar is one of my hangups,

    David Mills\TW Maniac 1985

    1. Thanks David. I am a cartoonist and not an editor, even though it says I am on the masthead. Thanks for the lesson. Appreciated.


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