Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Long Way Home

 May 11, 2021

   Here I am with a kindred spirit. This bearded geezer statue sits near the heart of Issaquah, Washington. 

Kindred Spirits, Issaquah, Washington

   Someone told me he once ran the bases forward in a game with Squimm, which is pretty amazing, since I once ran the bases backwards in a game with Needles. He lost his virginity in his rambling years and I lost mine in a '64 Nash Rambler. The comparisons go on and on, but the fact remains: I broke the zipper on this borrowed fleece jacket and had to remove it by pulling it off over my head.

   We had a ton of fun visiting our grandkids, but there was one downside.

Flight of the Disgruntled

   I must say I am through with flying for a while. Sky Harbor was mobbed both ways. A flight delay going up to Seattle (no crew), I found myself standing in the boarding line across from a guy with a T-Shirt that read, "I'd Rather Have Covid-19 Than Biden As My President." I wanted to lean over and say, "Sure hope you get your wish," but I didn't. Masks all the way up and back, all the way through the flight, which was packed to the gills. No open middle seats. Drinks on Southwest have been reduced to four choices: Coke, Diet Coke, Seven-Up or Water. Just oppressive and stifling and not fun at all.

   Minus twenty on the tolerable scale for a grumpy old man.

"There is a fine line between angry and grumpy. Angry isn't nice, but grumpy is funny."

—Rick Wakeman


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