Monday, August 12, 2002

August 10, 2002
Emptying My Mind

Worked all day trying to get a new media kit out. Abby took the day off (she only worked three days this week!) and left Gus and I to man the store (Robert is on vacation). We struggled to help Mike get out a media kit to the Buffalo Bill who are planning their 2003 budget, but we didn’t have the calendar done. I worked with Mike, but we got stymied by not having specific timeline info which is with Sage (she’s also on vacation!). Sigh.

For lunch had leftover Cobb salad and then Carole brought in two slices of pizza. Worked until around 6:30, inputting more of business journal stuff. Kathy came by and we went to El Encanto for dinner. Had two Coronas and split a mole chicken burro. Ate in bar (they were slammed). Fun.

Came home and read Premiere (Salma Hyak is doing Frida movie) and studied my new Van Gogh book to get inspired to paint tomorrow

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