Friday, August 16, 2002

August 15, 2002
My mom’s birthday. She’s 81. Sent her the Sandra Day O’Connor book, “The Lazy B” since both she and Sandra grew up in the Duncan area. I think she’ll enjoy it.
Our neighbor JB came down with his tractor and graded the driveway with the sand we bought several months back. Looks great. Decided not to go with a culvert. George Coppock and his boys also finished the water softener pad and adobe wall and it looks great ($550 Kathy’s account).
One of our guest editors, Dan Buck is very upset that we cut his “Not Much of A Bunch” piece. He feels it is their best article and we feel it’s just a list of robberies and we were going to put it in a Gus doubletruck. Talked to Dan on the phone for about 45 minutes, arbitrating and compromising. We will add a page to the piece and put back as much of his writing as we can.

Bob Brink came in and was alarmed at my journal entries on the website (it’s actually the temporary site Bernie put up). I gave Bob the unexpurgigated version of the entire history of True West (40 pages) and he sat in my office and read it. He did say he thought it was amazing that I’m still sane. He still doesn’t think it’s going to be interesting to an average reader. Hmmmm. Not sure what to think about web stuff. I went to a lot of trouble. May have been a waste of time.

"You are successful the moment you start moving toward a worthwhile goal."
---Charles Carlson

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