Thursday, August 08, 2002

August 6, 2002
Emptying My Mind

Went for an early morning walk with Kathy. Cool out because of the monsoon rains. Good talk about our lives and balance. On the way back we ran into Toby (our blind dog, who we call The Tobinater). He was bumping into road signs and going off down another road. Got him back and guided him home.

Finally took pickup into Tobias to get rear tire and dome light fixed. Walked back up to office. Stopped in Big Bronco and got them to start carrying mag again and sold Faith an ad to boot.

Met with Bob Brink and Carole regarding cash flow. He asked Carole to do a best case scenario and worst case and then figure out where we can cut, etc. Very proactive.

Had lunch in office (Carole split a sando she bought with me). Worked on copy for Butch & Sundance shootout in Bolivia. That felt good.

Bernie came by to go over website with Carole. He said he wants to do homework on “blogs” and it may be an easy way to put these diary entries up on our site. We’ll see.

Had an image review with Abby, Robert and Gus re: B&S. Got good things going. Went down to get my truck at 5, but they weren’t finished so they gave me a dogshit Camray to drive. Went back to office and input more of 2000 business timeline material for website. Reads like a novel. I couldn’t stop doing it. Just amazing stress and ridiculousness. Hard to believe. If I hadn’t lived thru it I wouldn’t believe it. Worked until around 8, came home.

Had more leftover pizza and cereal and banana for dessert. Read Bruce Springsteen interview in RS and went to sleep.

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