Tuesday, August 20, 2002

August 19, 2002
Had a good staff meeting at nine. Went over some of the nuggets I got out of E-Myth and we discussed better systems, especially in production. Also had a spirited discussion on whether to have a dress code (one of the "must have to succeed" systems from E-Myth). Of course, we are quite casual, with most everyone in shorts and t-shirts. Gus told us his experiences at the Arizona Republic (where he went thru various regimes, mandatory ties, then no ties, then jackets, etc.) Ted and Roland both worked in severe dress code environments and are not thrilled about the prospects of returning. Much said about "creativity" and how it's nourished by casualness. We may try it one day to see if it works for us.

Got staff lined out on work, then came home to studio and started doing a possible cover illustration of Butch & Sundance riding into Hell. It didn’t start there, but I was using a color scheme off the new movie ads for “Signs” and it just naturally evolved to there. It looks like the Boys are riding thru hot lava. I put in one of those crop symbols in the background to give a tip of the hat to the source. Going to send it down to Daniel today and see if he can make a good cover. The cover blurb would be: Butch & Sundance Ride Into Hell. Hmmmm.

Got an email from Dan buck this morning, saying: “Guess what time the sunset in San Vicente on November 6, 1908? 5:47 p.m. How do I know that? The U.S. Naval Observatory website. Your tax dollars at work.” I love this! That means, the entire gunfight where B&SK bought the farm, happened in the dark. They arrived in San Vicente at 6:30. Amazing. Going to be a great issue. Very strong.

I need to finish a slew of illustrations this week. They are:
• O Homo
• sardine tin and beer bottle
• Butch & Sundance at Dead Cow Hill (the Pero holdup)
• Butch & Sundance at Cholila (when they were gentlemen ranchers)
• Butch & Sundance riding into San Vicente in the gathering doom
• Butch shooting out the doorway at the Bolivian troops
• The Bolivian posse and what it may have looked like

One of my problems is I'm wearing three hats: I'm Emperor ("Hey gang, here's some groovy new ideas we're going to do!") and I'm a Manager ("Jesus! Is this realistic? Come on people, get those assignments in on time!") and I'm an artist and writer ("Hey, back off! I'm working as fast as I can!"). Ha.

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