Friday, August 30, 2002

August 28, 2002
Drove down to Scottsdale at 6:30 and met Pat Hollingsworth who is the art coordinator for Woodbine. They are building a huge resort at Keirland Commons, and are naming a suite the Bob Boze Bell suite. Ha. I brought her seven art prints, including two TW covers, plus a photo. We walked over to the hardhat area and looked at a sample suite. Really an honor. They also want a series of art prints on various Arizona bad men, like Old Man Clanton, Pearl Hart, etc., and lawmen, Bucky O’Neil and Commodore Perry Owens. Very exciting. Going to be cool.

Got into office at 8:30, had another snap shot meeting to go over problems with Christmas issue. Went home and bailed right into painting. Finished Two Mules for Butch & Sundance and shot it, started the climax to shootout scene. Stole a Frank Tenney Johnson color scheme from one of his nocturnes. Got about half done, needed photo reference for Bolivian soldiers, so took two rifles, a pistol, and two hats and drove up to the office. Shot photos of Gus, Rolan and Ted in back of offices on Robert’s digital camera, he printed out copies. Came home and finished painting around 7:30. Long day. Longer one tomorrow.

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