Wednesday, August 21, 2002

August 20, 2002
Good art day. Actually got untracked on a failed image, resuscitating the damn thing and getting some good passages (this is the Butch & Sundance at Cholila ranch image). Also fleshed out a twin portrait image that I thought was finished but wasn’t (took a photo of it before I added more paint in case I ruined it). Feel good about both. Art boards everywhere. I’m in the zone, could do this around the clock, but have other responsibilities, like running a business. Ha.
Went into office and had an image review going over all the hangouts. There must be fifty images for the Butch & Sundance package, and we’ve got to squeeze it in 18 pages. Going to be tight.
Kathy came at 5:15 and we drove down to Desert Ridge. I ran into an Aaron Bros. art store and got some new watercolor rag paper (140# and 300#, plus two tubes of gouache paint, $74 Sue debit), then down to El Conquistador for dinner ($32 house debit), had the green chile pork chops and two Coronas, then up to library, where Kathy checked out some books and I read the competition (other magazines like American Heritage, which I got some good ideas out of). Stopped at yogurt shoppe on way home ($7.25 cash), and I got a small caramel Sunday. Too much. Felt guilty.
Got home around 8:30, laid in bed like a beached whale and read Vanity Fair. There is a female sex club in Manhattan called Cake, where women act like men. Sort of titilating but ultimately it just made me tired (to think about moving to NY).

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