Wednesday, August 14, 2002

August 13, 2002
Lots of reorganizing in office. Trying to get a handle on production problems. We get projects going and then they fall through the cracks. Put Abby in charge of doing this, then had a pow-wow at nine with sales about the new media kits for 2003 and how to get 20 printed out by the end of the day. Also had Gus work on a Jan. postcard design. Both were completed by 4:30 and we all felt quite successful.

We’re really hanging out on editorial and I’ve still got to paint a cover.
Bob Brink and I went to lunch at Carefree Conference Resort with Dave Oglesby. He’s a great guy. We went over our plans to do an awards weekend for our 50th Anniversary next year. Dave picked up bill.
Got some diary entries from Tombstone, circa 1880s, from a character named Hairlip Charlie. Almost too good to be true. Specific entries on Wyatt and Doc seem amazing. Need to call some of my friends.
Finally finished the True West journal entries going back to 1999 when we bought the company: 40 pages worth. They are raw and uncensored and I am going to have to run it all by a lawyer, because I tell everything: who farted, who is an asshole, who is a loser (and that’s just about me!). Going to post them up on the web for all to see. Scary but exciting.

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