Monday, August 12, 2002

August 11, 2002
Struggled all day yesterday with trying to get up and going on Butch Cassidy art. It’s too hot, so I swam, I didn’t have the right reference so I took a nap.

Finally got untracked around one (after my second nap!) and started a gouache of Butch and Sundance, based on the Cholila ranch photo. Got a good pencil and wash in for background.

Kathy and I went in to Phoenix at 4:30 and met Tommy at Harkins 14 to see “Signs,” the new Mel Gibson, Night Shalayman film ($15 cash for tickets, $6 for popcorn and a diet coke for T.). I didn’t like it (5). I think Night is a pompous ass.

Afterwards we went over to El Conquistador for dinner. No one there (on a Sat. night!). Had two margaritias and two tacos ($36 cash).

Talked to Don this morning, and preliminary numbers for July are way down.

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