Tuesday, August 27, 2002

August 26, 2002
Got into office at eight, had a snapshot meeting at nine, Then bailed into a major overhaul of Butch & Sundance package. Daniel did two cover designs. The most dramatic one, “Butch & Sundance Ride Into Hell” seems to be the one.

Came home at noon, had lunch and painted. Got a good image going of Butch & Sundance eyeing sardines and beer (you’ll know why when you read the issue). Faces are good, can is a bit weak. Need to tweak tomorrow.
Went back to office around three, worked on editorial. Wrote up a page on Departments for the media kit. Wrote a letter to Bob McCubbin. Worked until around seven.

Got home and cooked salmon, watched a “Sex In The City,” went to bed around 9:30.

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