Tuesday, August 13, 2002

August 12, 2002
Emptying My Mind

Yesterday, I finally got going on art after I made breakfast for Tommy. I started with two mug shots of Butch in Front and Sundance slightly behind him peering out at us (not bad, got a decent likeness, and I emulated, or stole, some postcard color schemes with soft turquoise skies). Then I thought maybe if I do the two of them riding along the bottom of the cover on their mules, with a composite image, or collage, which is quite popular on movie posters right now (big heads floating in sky, silhouette of riders at bottom). Then I gravitated towards the latter image being the only cover representation of them (on their mules), with a big sky, either stormy, dusty, or cloudy (or all three). They are almost in silhouette, riding upwards, left to right, with the cover blurb: Butch & Sundance: The Last Ride.
That led me to a possible solution for the past tense vs. present tense in Classic Gunfights. We might do two articles: the first one, The Last Ride of Butch & Sundance, which chronicles the Aramayo holdup and the ascent to San Vincente.
Then, in Classic Gunfights, I'll deal with the actual fight, in present tense. I’m finally in the water and it feels good.
At 4:50 Kathy and I drove over to the Boulders for dinner with Russ and Wendy. Found out the Latilla Room doesn’t open until six, so we sat in big couch room and I had a glass of wine. At six, they seated us and we had a very nice dinner. Lots of laughs. Had the beef tenderloin and romaine salad (we split bill, $69 house debit, plus $5 cash tip). Afterwards we sat out by the pool and talked until around 10. Russ said I have to get the book “The E Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. I am.

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