Tuesday, December 10, 2002

December 10, 2002
Got a small Christmas tree on Sunday ($45 cash). Kathy decorated it. Looks very nice.

Jana and I went to lunch today at Tonto Bar & Grill ($15 cash). She told me she was in the Palace Bar on Whiskey Row in Prescott last weekend and as she was leaving she said she heard a cowboy at the bar say, “You know what the three big Cowboy lies are, don’t you?” Jana said she hung back, waiting to hear the answer. “I won the belt buckle at a rodeo, the pickup is paid for and I was just trying to move the sheep into the barn.” I laughed til I cried (you had to hear Jana, Miss Urbane Liberal, tell it).

Had a long Image Review meeting with Gus, Meghan, R.G., Jana and me, trying to find images for the “50 Defining Moments of the Old West.” Then went right into looking for images for “50 of The West’s Most Western Towns.” Took several hours as we combed our archives, my postcard collection and our collective brains. Tedious stuff, but I like it.

Gun wrangler Phil Spangenberger came by around five. He just got back from working on the new movie “Hidalgo,” a $100 million story of a pinto horse. Amazing. Going to be a big one. Disney made a mint off of the animated Spirit Horse movie and John Fusco (who wrote Young Guns) wrote this one also. Supposed to be out next summer.

I’m trying to develope a new style of illustration where I mimic old photographs, but it has a misty movement. (Here’s my first rough sketches.)

Everyone has talent at 25. The difficulty is to have it at 50.”
—Edward Degas