Monday, December 16, 2002

December 15, 2002
I did absolutely no work yesterday. I had big plans, but I was a slug. Built a fire, took a nap. went for a walk, fed the chickens, petted the dog, but no artwork.

Now I’ve got birds in my studio. I’ve had about six of them, two at a time on several occasions. I think they’re coming in through the dog door, attracted to the dog food in Peaches’ dish. They get in and can’t figure a way out. I have very high ceilings so they fly back and forth, pooping on all my artwork (some actually look better for the additions). I have to get the pool skimmer and drive them to the crow’s nest and after opening the roof hatch they eventually hop up the ladder (I’m not making this up) and go out onto the deck and fly off. Weird.

Carole G. emailed me and said: “We had 5 coyotes chasing quail in the back today (at the same time). We have lived here since 1985 and never have seen anything like that. Food must be scarce.”

We are having staff photos taken on Tuesday and then I can post everyone’s photo when I talk about them so you can see all the geniuses and heroes I work with.

This morning Kathy and I went in early to Phoenix and had breakfast at the Matador. Had the huevos rancheros ($20 cash). Visited with the owner Mike and his son. They are Greek and he always remembers that Deena broke the first glass in their new location when she was a baby back in 1983. Supposedly it’s good luck, or maybe he’s been hinting for twenty years that we need to pay for the glass.

After breakfast, went to Jana B’s for her annual Christmas party. Tons of politicos and head honchos at her beautiful home. Met the art director at Phoenix Magazine who is from NY and she raved about our layout in True West. That felt good. Santa came at one and the kids went nuts and he had each one sit on his knee and tell him what they wanted. It was very touching, although I had to get a little rough with a five-year-old who got in front of me. The ambulance driver assured me he just had a mild concussion. I told Santa I wanted $100Gs in operating capital and he seemed pretty positive about making it happen. Some of this I made up.

Deena drove in from Tempe and we took her to brunch at the Good Egg ($13 cash). Then Kathy and I went shopping for a digital camera (my birthday present) at Best Buy. Placed just slammed. I told Kathy, “I’m in the wrong business.” Electronics cuts across all gender, class and ethnic lines. Everyone lined up buying sacks and sacks of goodies. Hard to believe the economy is not thriving.

From there we drove out to PV Mall and I got a new pair of shoes and two new sports coats. Kathy paid for them. Fun day.

"I worship the quicksand he walks in."
—Art Buchwald

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