Wednesday, December 18, 2002

December 18, 2002
Feeling almost giddy. If you go back and read the business timeline you will see many very dark moments when it seemed like everything was going down the drain (actually, it was a daily, sometimes hourly fear). There seemed to be no logical way to salvage anything and yet I still felt “resilient.” Call it delusional, call it ignorance on steroids, but somehow I knew this was going to turn out alright. Of course, in today’s business climate and world uncertainty, our business is a long way from being bomb proof, but you could say the same thing about Microsoft. Or not. The difference is now I have solid, financial help. Ay Carumba! Or, as we say in our house, “Cinchi Coogie Cahgie.” (mindless syllables which somehow mean something to us).

Big meetings today. Got a Cave Creek Museum board of director’s breakfast at 8 a.m., then a meeting at Dillon Precision at 10, and another business pow-wow at 2.

Yesterday, John Beckett shot a photo of the staff out front. Afterwards we all went to El Encanto for lunch ($10 cash). There were 19 of us. Marshal Trimble came out, Dan H. came out from Phoenix. John also took individual shots of these outlaws so I can post them here and when I mention them, you can click on their name and go get enough info to stalk them. Groovy, eh?

Trust your own instinct. Your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone else's.”
—Billy Wilder

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