Friday, December 27, 2002

December 27, 2002
We got hit hard last night by the Javelina biker gang. All the doors were shut, but they pushed in the side door of the garage (evidently it wasn’t shut tight enough) and just made a mess, ripping open bags of cans, newspapers, everything. I’ll take a photo of it and if I ever get the computer interfacing down, it will go up. They also ate through the sideboards on the chicken house, dug under the chicken wire, and got inside, rooting up all the food dishes in there and turning them over. I assume the two hens survived by hiding in the brooding portion of the house which has tiny doors, just big enough for a chicken. I haven’t gone out there this morning, but I suppose I should. Yep. Just checked (7:29 a.m.), and they rooted right around my makeshift rocks and flipped everything upside down again. Big gouge marks everywhere. Hens are fine, but rattled. This means war. No UN inspectors, no fly, pig sty zones. The gloves come off tonight

Interesting parallels. We armed Iraq when we hated Iran and now they are using those arms against us. We fed the javelinas so we could amuse E.J., now they are coming back for more and we want to kill them. Hmmmmmmm. Where’s Sean Penn when you need him?

I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.”
—Steven Wright

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