Sunday, December 29, 2002

December 29, 2002
I rarely get headaches but I had one almost all day yesterday. Didn’t get jack done, just vegged around and took two naps. Kathy thinks it’s some sort of flu bug (she had a headache all day Friday).

Last night I read and perused my Film Noir poster book which I got for Christmas. Wonderful stark, sexy images. Very inspiring. As I finally drifted off to sleep my mind was racing with plot points for my own noir graphic novel. It’s the story of a drummer in a honkytonk coming out of a bad relationship who goes off the deep end and begans a saatar soaked search for the perfect sex.

As I turned off the light and floated in and out of concsiousness I hit upon scene after scene of events that happened to me when I was a drummer in Tucson. The only thing missing is the voice and the bare bones story. Actually, which one.

I had a great day. Made bacon and eggs for Tommy. Looked at an Atlas about where he can go snowboarding near Boulder (he’s going there to see a girl). Went for a walk with Kathy.

I want to do a snow story and a rain story, or at least stories where the weather is the co-star. A major author recently did a short list of things that will never work, and one of them was a book, or short story starting out with weather. However, in Raymond Chandler’s stories, the rain in LA is absolutely mesmerizing! I can’t get enough. I also love the snow in “It’s A Wonderful Life,” and the rain in “Two-Lane Blacktop.” The snow in “Dr. Zhivago.” It reminds me of snuggly warmth and love. Or, the proof against it.

"An old thing becomes new if you detach it from what usually surrounds it."
—Robert Bresson, French film director

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