Saturday, December 14, 2002

December 14, 2002
Missed a dental appointment on Wednesday. Didn’t check my phone messages until Thursday night and missed their tickler call. I hate it when I do that. So rude.

Our True West holiday-holliday cards came in yesterday and they look smashing. As promised, here’s a version of the real card and a version of the “whore” card I had Abby print up as a joke. As a special offer to you and for a limited time, I’ll send you one of the “whore” cards. First come, first serve, while they last.
Send me your address
and I’ll send one along. Impress your friends but don’t show it to your mother. And please don’t show it to my mom!

Last night Kathy and I walked up to the Nedoe’s for their neighborhood Christmas party. Very nice spread. Mark Nedoe has an Outlaw Josey Wales movie poster looming prominently in his living room. It is signed by Roy Anderson, who used to be our neighbor and is the artist who did the illustration of Clint with the two Navys held up in front of his face. Very cool (I'm jealous). At least four people said they read my javelina story in the High Sonoran Style magazine (culled from these very entries, see November 6, 17 postings). Also, our neighbors to the south asked about a “blood-curdling scream” they heard last week and we told them that was when Kathy was chasing the coyotes who were chasing Peaches (see last week.). And by the way, that is a scream they heard at least a half mile away. What a set of pipes on that gal (and her voice is loud too).

Numerous neighbors asked how the magazine is doing and of course I have my stock PR response, “You know I’m very excited Marilyn. We are paying the bills, we’re growing almost too fast. I really like our chances.” One woman named Marty said she thought it is amazing and special that a small town like Cave Creek (5,000) would produce so many “publishers.” It’s true. We have at least four newspapers, three magazines (and even magazine publishers who don’t publish here—the guy who started the Santafean magazine lives in Desert Mountain), several cataloguers, and a gaggle of writers. I didn’t say this at the party, but I think what it really says is that for some reason Cave Creek attracts humungous egos.

Successful people are very lucky. Just ask any failure.”
—Michael Levine