Monday, September 18, 2006

September 18, 2006 Bonus Bonus Blog
Remember the attractive woman who wanted to see me barefoot on the blog (here's the quote): "You are a great looking guy and you look as though you have a large size pair of feet. Also, Bob, what is your foot size?"

That missive prompted this missive from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous:

Cowboy Curtis: " You know what big feet means, Pee Wee?"

"Pee Wee Herman: "No, Cowboy Curtis. What?"

Cowboy Curtis: "Big cowboy boots."

On Saturday afternoon, Kathy and I went to see The Illusionist ($13 cash, $6.50 for medium popcorn and bottle of water) at Harkins 101. I really enjoyed it. Edward Norton was very good and the Victorian settings and costuming were fantastic. Jessica Biel was beautiful and Paul Giamatti, as the police inspector, was quite rich, but the director of photography, Dick Pope, really shined.

I also got a call from Linda Frank of Light Source in Hollywood. They're doing a DVD of True Grit and she wants me and Jeb Rosebrook and Stuart Rosebrook to talk through the entire movie. And they pay us to do it!

"You get what you pay for except when you bill out your own time and you own the company."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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