Tuesday, September 26, 2006

September 26, 2006
Got up at 5:30, went for a bike ride early. I walked up to J.D.’s at seven and worked with him on getting the tin off the roof of the chicken coop. I had trouble hanging off the ladder on one foot, leaning over the thinly supported roof and trying to get my hammer under the set screws to pull them out. I’m stretching and groaning and using muscles I haven’t used since my rear chainman days, and I look over and here’s J.D. leaning out farther, stretching longer and grabbing nails that are in my zone. And he’s 82! Kathy says it’s his Mormon lifestyle so I had to ask him, “Didn’t you say yesterday you liked to sit out on your back porch and drink Pepsi?” J.D. smiled and popped another rivet straight into the refuse bucket and said, “Yeh, well, it’s my one vice. And my wife gets on me every time I take a sip.” He’s quite a character and a good neighbor to boot. I’ll miss him when he goes to Utah (and drinks state supported Pespsi).

Los Lonely Roads
“Las Vegas to Hawthorne on U.S. 95 may be the ugliest stretch of highway in American, but Ely to Fallon on U.S. 50 is the loneliest. Trust me.”
—Charlie Waters

“Perhaps the loneliest road in America is Hwy 51 across Nevada.”
—Gus Walker

“In your survey, I think you should have included Highway 50 in Nevada that runs from Fallon to Ely. If you look on the Official Highway Map of Nevada road map you will see it noted as the the Loneliest Road. Having made that trip several times, it's hard to imagine the others could be lonelier.”
—Stephen Teed, Carson City NV

“The stretch from Clayton, New Mexico to Springer, New Mexico. It had to have been the worst drive I have ever experienced, and I drive a lot. I think I saw one building the entire stretch. And in fact, there was a town called Abbott that actually had NOTHING in it! No houses, shops, anything! I couldn't believe it. Have you ever been on this stretch? If not, here is some words of wisdom; don't.”
—Nicholas Narog

Got back to the house at eight. Cleaned up to go into the office. We are really steaming on two issues. Trish and her crew are working very hard and it looks like we are finally poised for true success at True West. Gee, I wonder what Bette Davis has to say about that?

“Success only breeds a new goal.”
—Bette Davis

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