Wednesday, September 27, 2006

September 27, 2006 Bonus Blog
I went home for lunch and whipped out a nice little study of "Beauty". This image is based on a still of Apache model Lisa Bahlen shot at Fort Apache last month, and the background is from a photo I shot right out the car window of the Top Secret Writer's Ford Taurus. The wickiups are lifted from a Maynard Dixon painting, done on location in the 1920s (great colors!).

As I mentioned this morning, many artists have a hard time capturing a likeness of real Apaches in a convincing manner. Here are two examples from dudes I really admire, but they kind of tubed it here. The first is Frank Tenney Johnson. His Navajo and cowboy nocturns are knocked out, but this painting of an alleged Apache looks more like an Italian gypsy lost in America. The one next to it is Remington's, which has great nighttime effects, but the faces are not quite Apaches, maybe Minnesota Snowbirds who lost their thermals, but not Apaches:

"You can be on the right path but if you take too much time to set up your easel you'll get run over."
—Vincent Van Google

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